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Another Day, Another Social Network (and other stuff)
Mostly things I like. So Many Interests. So Little Time. Creativity. Embracing the Change Taking Place Within.

Necessary.  👋
@moniquebrownonline posted this yesterday and it stuck in my head.   Decided I needed the constant reminder on my desk.  Plus my coworkers were looking for a new quote 😃
Repost via @aroundthewaycurls Cornel West in Ferguson  #speaksvolumes #ferguson
Do what you have to, until you can do what you want to.  Make it Great! #keeppushing #forwardmovement
Oh.  #imsilly 😏
Repost from @ggreneewrites   Exactly the wave I’m riding lately.
Trying to remember a time when I didn’t know where all the good #selfie spots with amazing light were.  #HappySunday  Laundry, dinner, jewelry on my to do list today.  Make it great✌️
Yes.   HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!  #longweek #waytoobusy
Ahhhhh yes.  In the sweetest way.   Folk nosey.